Parking Policy for Panaji_IPSCDL

Parking Policy for Panaji

Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL) is a special purpose vehicle created under Smart City Mission to implement the Panaji Smart City Roadmap. IPSCDL has appointed Urban Mass Transit Company Ltd to prepare a Parking Policy and Parking Master Plan for Panaji to manage the parking problems in Panaji city in a sustainable manner. The approach of the Panaji Parking policy is to:

  1. Encourage and ensure the use of sustainable modes of transport through appropriate strategies
  2. Manage parking demand through pricing and other strategies
  3. Reduce the private vehicle use by adopting travel demand management tool
  4. Accommodate new traffic management concepts and respond to traffic problems

In this regard, it is very important to consult the public on their opinions and suggestions on the draft parking policy (Draft Parking Policy_IPSCDL). The draft parking policy will provide guidelines and strategies for the efficient parking management in Panaji.

We request you kindly let us know your opinion on the draft parking policy by participating in this online survey: Feedback Form

The Draft Parking Policy for Panaji: Draft Parking Policy_IPSCDL

The presentation made at the Citizen Consultation Engagement on the Draft Parking Policy on 16th November, 2018: Draft Parking Policy Presentation

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