Hop-In Hop-Off Bus Services

Idea Submitted by :- Laxman Amonkar

Hop-in Hop-off, buses should be introduced in the city to reduce the traffic caused by private vehicles

Efficient public transport in city

Idea Submitted by :- Priyanka Kane

City needs “point-to-point” and “time-to-time” public transport in collaboration with government and private bus operators. There should be a card system (with recharge on the lines of mobile recharge) for regular commuters and the collected money to be distributed equally among all the bus operators. This will ensure that no bus operator is neglected and that they dont waste time in gathering the passengers.

Harnessing Solar energy to power street light

Idea Submitted by :- Vinay Parab

All the street lights in the city of Panaji should be powered by solar energy. Panaji see’s lots of festival (cultural) and lot of electricity is utilized to power the events. Utilizing solar energy for such events and to power the street lights will help the city saving lot of energy and money.