• November 15, 2015
  • 18:11
  • Garcia de Orta

Team FC Goa (Indian Super League, Football team) along with Management made an appearance to engage with the community, raise awareness and show its support for the Panaji Smart City Challenge campaign.

Commissioner CCP, Shri. Sanjit Rodrigues, welcomed team FC Goa to cheers from citizens gathered at the garden for the community event.

FC Goa players Jaoquim Abranches, Laxmikant Kathimani, Romeo Fernandes , Mandar Rao Dessai , Nicolau Calaco , Dudu , Jonanthan Lucca and Gregory  were present.

At the event, the club submitted a petition to city leaders to create a football park for the benefit of Goa’s football enthusiasts. The football park can be a meeting point for football fans of all ages, to come together for the love of the beautiful game. FC Goa has offered its support and assistance to city leaders in making this project a reality in the interest of the citizens of Goa.